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Added physical reach +  foreign languages interpretation = enhanced quality of care + patient retention + very many new patients

Telemedicine offers a way to meet current safety guidelines, increase the number of visits from established patients though patient comfort; it also allows to reach a large number of new potential patients within a state. Now with the addition of Italian interpretation services, a doctor can reach even more patients who need help to comunicate in English.



An Easy Way to Reach Italian Speaking Patients in Your Area

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How to overcome obstacles in patient retention and acquisition

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Overcome the distance from your patients with phone or Web applicationsor Web applications

Overcome the language barrier with experienced foreign language interpreters

Overcome communication issues with culturally competent interpreters

Audio conferences and interpreters let you easily interact with foreign patients


Patients might still feel concerned about visiting a medical office, on the other hand, safety guidelines lead to a decreased number of patients because of social distancing. A way to increase the number of visits is to adopt telemedicine. This does not necessarily involve the acquisition of new equipment, but might be limited to phone calls with the patient. If the video is deemed necessary, then a video conference can be set up. Audio conferences and interpreters let you easily interact with foreign patients

New York, New Jersey, New England, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, California, Florida and Las Vegas are among the regions with most Italians

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Increased quality of care can be accomplished with efficient, effective, and clear communication


Patients who are not proficient in English will feel more at ease communicating in their native language; in addition, they will feel more welcome during the interaction, ask more questions, talk with the doctor with openness, and better understand the directions. Time savings can result from the avoidance of misunderstandings.

Medical practices that currently Italian speaking patients


Small and medium practices that have non-English speaking patients can benefit from over-the-telephone interpretation. The patient will feel more at ease, and be grateful for the attention received.

Medical practices currently seeking new patients


If the doctors in the practice hold licenses in states in which many Italians live, this is an opportunity to adopt Telemedicine/Telehealth, and communicate with them by telephone or the Web. The physical distance from the office will no longer be an issue, and the language and cultural differences will be overcome. Involving an interpreter can be more cost-effective than hiring a bilingual employee.

More than 20 years of over-the-telephone interpretation for

Medical Offices and Healthcare Services


Over-the-telephone interpretation is a fast, economical, and highly professional way to communicate with your patients who do not speak English.


Voicemail translation


Telephone messages translation



Recent guidelines allow to rely on telemedicine during the pandemic. Doctors and medical institutions may charge the same amounts applicable to regular in-office visits. 1



In some states, doctors and medical institutions may get a reimbursement for language services if the patient is covered by Medicaid and CHIP. 2



1 Medicare and Telemedicine Health Care Provider Fact Sheet

2 Translation and Interpretatin Services 



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